Here’s what people who have heard her speak have to say:

I just wanted to let you know that the impact of your talk has been reverberating like a stone thrown into a pond. The splash was fantastic enough itself, but the ripples have been sobering and hopeful all at once.

I have received calls from attendees, one after the next, who want to help a friend, or a good friend’s sister or a sister’s good friend….We have been putting informational packets together not for clients—those, of course we have—but for the concerned loved ones who are tired of standing back shaking their heads and worrying, who heard the clarion call and feel inspired and empowered to do something to help. It’s very touching.

Your story sparked it in a big way. Thank you for mobilizing community members who feel helpless, as well as who knows how many actual victims in the audience.

Melissa Lukin, MBA,
Executive Director, Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse (CORA)
San Mateo, California

Janine is an amazing woman and poignant speaker. We were honored to feature her as our keynote at our signature fund raising event. Her speech was heart breaking and sobering, and truly inspirational.  She is a survivor who motivated our attendees to donate more money and volunteer to support our mission.  Based upon the feedback from our attendees, we know that her powerful message touched many hearts – a message that provides hope for anyone affected by domestic violence. Because of Janine, we raised more money this year than in the 22 year history of hosting our event.

Kris Uhen
Milwaukee Women’s Center
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Janine Latus is an inspirational speaker. She will touch your heart and mind.  You can hear a pin drop when she speaks and the sound of a standing ovation when she’s done.  Do not hesitate to invite this very dynamic keynote speaker! She will move the audience into action.

Gael Strack, CEO
National Family Justice Center Alliance

Janine’s unforgettable story of abuse is two-fold.  First, she told of her personal abusive relationship … to the outside world, they looked perfect.  They had a beautiful home, money, social status, all of the things that would reflect their affluent lifestyle.  However, what people did not know about was his extremely controlling behavior.

Second, Ms. Latus told the heartfelt story about her sister Amy, whose abusive relationship ultimately led to her murder.  Ms. Latus’ candor as the story unfolds draws the audience in.  One can only imagine the emotions Janine felt as they looked desperately for her missing sister and later for the man who ended her life.

Ms. Latus is a gifted speaker and writer, but more importantly, Janine is a passionate advocate for domestic violence, who uses her gifts to educate the public and help others navigate through their own painful journey.

Karen Hadley
Midlands Family Justice Center
Omaha, Nebraska

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