I just wanted to say thank you for speaking at the naval base today. I was very touched/moved by you. You were AMAZING! I would love to have my wife listen to you if you ever come back to the area. Would you by chance know of or when you are coming back to CT? I was so moved by you today that I couldn’t wait to go home and tell her. I was completely speechless at the end of your talk. I wanted to shake your hand at the end, but the line was too long and I thought then that I would email you an… Read more

Submariner (military personnel cannot allow me to reveal their names.)Naval Submarine BaseNew London, CT

Janine Latus is an inspirational speaker. She will touch your heart and mind. You can hear a pin drop when she speaks and the sound of a standing ovation when she’s done. Do not hesitate to invite this very dynamic keynote speaker! She will move the audience into action.

Gael StrackCEO National Family Justice Center Alliance

As a development professional for more than 17 years, I have worked with many celebrity guests and speakers; very few have captivated an audience and motivated the community to action like Janine Latus. As keynote speaker for the 2017 Women Against Violence luncheon, Janine took us along her tumultuous journey of sexual assault, violence, murder and ultimate survival. We sometimes forget how powerful words can be, until we hear someone as inspirational as Janine Latus. I was fortunate to see thi… Read more

Tom HigginsDevelopment DirectorSamaritan HouseVirginia Beach, VA

Author, speaker and domestic violence advocate, Janine Latus, knows how to tell a story and captivate an audience. She received a standing ovation moving many to tears. The audience clearly identified with Janine, realizing the serious nature of our organization’s work and as a result, were highly motivated to give. Within the window of a 1-hour luncheon program, Janine helped Interface raise an additional $25,000 for a net total of $80,000.  These proceeds are vital to our ability to interve… Read more

Catherine L. KortFund Development & Marketing DirectorInterface Children & Family ServicesCamarillo, CA

Even a month after she spoke at our event, her words still resonate in my head.  Janine’s message is powerful and impactful and opens one’s eyes to the battle victims of domestic violence face every day against their abuser.

Sarah GoldenChairpersonWomen Against ViolenceVirginia Beach, VA

Janine Latus delivers a powerful, sobering, yet inspirational keynote address.  Her audience was riveted, hanging on her every word.  I am so thankful she has shared her and her sister’s tragic story so she can help and offer hope to other women and children.

Erica HallockBoard MemberYWCASpokane, WA

Janine Latus was an incredible speaker for us in 2017.  Of course sharing her sister’s tragic story was absolutely heart-wrenching, but what I found especially compelling was her own personal story of abuse which was less about the physical but more verbal abuse in her previous relationships. I can’t help but think this was eye-opening for some our attendees that may not have realized they could potentially be in the same situation.  She was also willing to do whatever she could to support… Read more

Mireya FitzloffEvent Chair & Board MemberYWCASpokane, WA

We could not have chosen a better or more significant keynote presenter for our women’s and gender studies conference with an audience of students, faculty, community members and activists.  Janine Latus uses the narrative of her own life and family losses to help other women and girls understand how intimate partner abuse can happen to anyone. She has the ability to engross her audience with an engaging yet candid style of delivery that ranks her as a first-class story and truth-teller. The … Read more

Helen R. Klebesadel Director, Women's and Gender Studies Consortium Co-Chair 2018 4W Summit

Our audience was diverse including nationally prominent philanthropists, university students, gender and women’s studies scholars, and a diverse cross-section of leaders from our local community.

Janine spoke to all of them with a presentation that told her story, helped us all feel the presence of her sister Amy, who lost her life to intimate partner violence, and provided guidance about warning signs related to unhealthy or dangerous relationships. She is not only a great speaker, but wise … Read more

Lori DiPrete Brown 4W Women and Wellbeing Initiative UW-Madison

“I just wanted to quickly share that we had our planning committee wrap up meeting today and needless to say you were a HIT! So many attendees have commented that they were really inspired by your story and thought you were an amazing speaker. Seriously, thank you so much and if there is ever a chance to partner in the future, I would love to!

Mollie Weaklandspecial events coordinatorHope United Survivor NetworkGaston County, N. Carolina

“Janine’s strength exemplifies the memory of her sister, and affirms the journey that many survivors and victims of domestic violence have to face on their journey from beyond fear to freedom. Her courage to share her story as well as her sister’s is heart wrenching but also a message of hope, a reminder that the fight must continue.”

Monica Kearney, MSWExecutive DirectorSafe Space, Inc.

“It was awe inspiring the way that Janine Latus shares the story of her life. She shares the multiple times she has faced sexual assault and domestic violence with an ease that belies the courage that it takes to share. She brings to the forefront issues that women have been told “not to talk about” while explaining the multiple kinds of domestic violence women suffer and offering guidance in ways to seek help. Unfortunately, all the people that need to hear this information will not. All … Read more

Pam C.

“Janine Latus’ “We Need To Talk” is a riveting address that needs to be heard more than once. It is a courageous conversation that appeals to all communities.”

Simpdy MerelanViolence Prevention Program DirectorCentenary University

“I want to thank you for your powerful story. Your story and words made me realize how much abuse I have escaped in past relationships. The (not so) little things that I believed was love and how I deserved to be loved was not real and I had always blamed myself. Your words helped me realize that it was not my fault which has lifted so much weight off my shoulders. I cannot truly express how much it means to hear your story. Thank you again.”

Samantha MorrisSamantha MorrisCentenary University

“Janine Latus is an incredible story-teller with an imperative message to share with your community – we need to talk about sexual and relationship violence. Her ability to turn trauma into opportunity and pain into passion is remarkable and inspiring. I am confident that her story and delivery left our college students with vital tools to cultivate and uphold our values of community and respect by being vigilant of warning signs, intervening safely, and demonstrating continuous support.”

—Nat… Read more

Natasha M MorenoDeputy Title IX CoordinatorNebraska Wesleyan University

Thank you for sharing your story last night at the YWCA’s Women of Excellence. I have lost several friends to domestic violence. I used to be one of those people who just didn’t get why a woman stayed until I got older and saw the way abusers manipulate their victims. My deepest condolences to you for your sister but she still lives on through you and your story. I wholeheartedly believe everyone can do something to save even just one person. Thank you again.

Tania SroujiHarrisburg, PA

“Janine Latus is a powerful speaker. She tells her story and that of her sister with so much truth and confidence. She is an amazing presenter and a woman of substance. Janine is the epitome of what our society needs today. She spreads awareness and puts the word out there. She saves one life at a time by bringing to light the horrors in our community as well as ways to identify them and work to eradicate them. Getting to hear her speak is a once in a lifetime opportunity that no individual sh… Read more

Amarachi Chidi UnezecoordinatorNebraska Wesleyan’s chapter of It's On Us

Janine Latus is an amazing speaker, particularly when it comes to the topics relating to intimate partner violence. Her knowledge and expertise on the subject were evident during her talk at our event in 2023. Not only that, but she also played a crucial role in making the event a resounding success as a fundraiser. If you’re looking for a speaker who can share insights into intimate partner violence and inspire you to make a difference, Janine Latus is an excellent choice.

Mollie Weaklandspecial events coordinatorHope United Survivor NetworkGaston County, N. Carolina