Janine LatusJanine Latus is an award-winning journalist, author and advocate, best known for her international bestseller, If I Am Missing or Dead: a sister’s story of love, murder and liberation, which tells the story of two sisters who grew up to fall victim to angry and controlling men. One breaks free and thrives; the other is murdered by her live-in boyfriend. Janine is the sister who survived, and she has carried their story around the world, including to universities, military bases, Major League Baseball, medical centers, law enforcement gatherings, the World Bank, law enforcement and judicial conferences, and corporations, because the idea that ‘what happens in the home stays in the home’ is getting people killed. Instead, she advocates for people to talk, to tell their stories and thus free others to tell theirs.

Janine did not begin her career as an advocate. At the time that she made the switch she was writing for magazines like O, the Oprah Magazine, Parents, Fitness, Smithsonian.com and Saturday Evening Post.

Then her family suffered a great tragedy, and she realized that it was time to talk. Bring her in to speak and she'll tell you why.