Janine is a dynamic and engaging speaker on the spectrum of sexual assault and intimate partner violence. She has told her story to hundreds of audiences, from the United States military to universities, high schools and colleges, she leaves audiences haunted by her story. She has helped shelters and social service agencies raise hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Janine uses her own heart breaking story to illustrate the red flags of abuse, to help audience members recognize them in their own lives and in those of the people around them, to intervene or ask for help, to break free or help others to do so, and then to build a life of respect and freedom from fear. Her talk is part story, part strategy, based on the Duluth Power & Control Wheel and full of practical action items. But because it is built on a story it resonates long after everyone has left the session room.

If you are interested in having Janine do a presentation for your company or community group or would like her to speak at your college, university or high school, contact her at janine@janinelatus.com.

Janine Speaking

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Our audience was diverse including nationally prominent philanthropists, university students, gender and women’s studies scholars, and a diverse cross-section of leaders from our local community.

Janine spoke to all of them with a presentation that told her story, helped us all feel the presence of her sister Amy, who lost her life to intimate partner violence, and provided guidance about warning signs related to unhealthy or dangerous relationships. She is not only a great speaker, but wise … Read more
Lori DiPrete Brown 4W Women and Wellbeing Initiative UW-Madison