Sowing The Seeds


Tom Gallivan is shin-deep in the salty water of the Little Machipongo Inlet, so close to the Atlantic that the tides flood and recede with the pull of the moon, flushing fresh algae and phytoplankton through his oyster beds and filling the animals’ bellies. Oysters grown here, in a marsh without rocks, have a clean,…

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Keepers Of History


In 1749, when most Colonists were scrabbling for the most basic food and shelter, two of Yorktown’s finest sat with elegance and understatement to have their portraits made. William Nelson was a wealthy merchant; his wife, Elizabeth, a woman of prestigious heritage. Their son Thomas would go on to sign the Declaration of Independence. The…

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Making It Real

Making it Real Article Image

The man who dismounts with a flourish wears a red wool coat and white linen breeches. His shoes hand-made by the shoemaker on site. He strides to his counterpart and bows. She stands stiffly straight in a starched white cap and fetching hat trimmed with blue ribbon, and layer upon layer of clothing — shift…

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Kevin Chang’s yanagi slide-slices through the fish’s flesh, its blade gliding through geological layers of fat and muscle so alive they’re still swimming. The knife shepherds the sashimi to the side; then Chang lifts it with metal chopsticks to array it on the tray. If he touches it with his hands the warmth from his…

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The Method In His Madness


Thirty-five people work at the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. They spend all day surrounded by all things Dali. In the bathroom — Dali. In their offices — Dali. In the hallways — Dali. Walking up the stairs, they come face to face with Dali himself, in a Philippe Halsman photo, looking like…

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