Karen Hadley

Janine’s unforgettable story of abuse is two-fold.  First, she told of her personal abusive relationship … to the outside world, they looked perfect.  They had a beautiful home, money, social status, all of the things that would reflect their affluent lifestyle.  However, what people did not know about was his extremely controlling behavior.

Second, Ms. Latus told the heartfelt story about her sister Amy, whose abusive relationship ultimately led to her murder.  Ms. Latus’ candor as the story unfolds draws the audience in.  One can only imagine the emotions Janine felt as they looked desperately for her missing sister and later for the man who ended her life.

Ms. Latus is a gifted speaker and writer, but more importantly, Janine is a passionate advocate for domestic violence, who uses her gifts to educate the public and help others navigate through their own painful journey.

Karen HadleyMidlands Family Justice CenterOmaha, Nebraska