Melissa Lukin, MBA

I just wanted to let you know that the impact of your talk has been reverberating like a stone thrown into a pond. The splash was fantastic enough itself, but the ripples have been sobering and hopeful all at once.

I have received calls from attendees, one after the next, who want to help a friend, or a good friend’s sister or a sister’s good friend….We have been putting informational packets together not for clients—those, of course we have—but for the concerned loved ones who are tired of standing back shaking their heads and worrying, who heard the clarion call and feel inspired and empowered to do something to help. It’s very touching.

Your story sparked it in a big way. Thank you for mobilizing community members who feel helpless, as well as who knows how many actual victims in the audience.

Melissa Lukin, MBAExecutive Director, Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse (CORA)San Mateo, California