Janine has been crafting narratives and profiles about people and places for twenty years. She has an ear for the telling detail, the revealing anecdote. She immerses herself in the reporting, then writes the clear stories that take readers inside efforts to save the Chesapeake Bay by oyster farming, or the craft and anguish of writing massive books. She has stood in the swelter of an art glass studio, dodging sparks and thousand-degree objects of art while learning the science that makes glass both liquid and solid, and dug in the soil alongside a woman whose garden helped her survive treatment for throat cancer.

Her stories about personal finance, parenting, health, the environment and women’s issues have run in O Magazine, Distinction, More, Woman’s Day, Family Circle, TWA’s Ambassador, American Airlines’ American Way, US Air’s Attaché, Fitness, Parents, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Golf For Women, Women and Success and others.

photography by ROBERTO WESTBROOK

Farming Of The Future

photography by ROBERTO WESTBROOK Inside an arched and insulated 60-foot-long building down a dirt road behind Hunt Club Farm in southern Virginia Beach, 8,000 heads of...
photography by KEITH LANPHER

If the Shoe Fits

photography by KEITH LANPHER In its halcyon days, the Craddock-Terry Shoe Company’s Southland Factory Annex in downtown Lynchburg roared and rattled with enormous leather belts that turned...
Photography by KEITH LANPHER


photography by KEITH LANPHER Down at the north end of Colley, there’s a British guy who’s “not your grandmom” –though he and his colleagues sure cook...
Photography by RICH-JOSEPH FACUN

The Dark Spirits of Virginia

photography by RICH-JOSEPH FACUN There is a smell and a taste to the air in a distillery, of smoke, farmer’s grain and something akin to molasses,...
Photography by Rich-Joseph Facun

A Doorway to History

Photography by Rich-Joseph Facun As the men on the great clipper ships sailed past Lamberts Point and up the Elizabeth they saw it, elegant and grand,...
photography by Rich-Joseph Facun

The Mystery Of Glass

Photography by Rich-Joseph Facun Julia Rogers’ shirt is sweat-stuck to her back. Her long brown hair is tied in a ponytail and her eyes are hidden...