Janine has been crafting narratives and profiles about people and places for twenty years. She has an ear for the telling detail, the revealing anecdote. She immerses herself in the reporting, then writes the clear stories that take readers inside efforts to save the Chesapeake Bay by oyster farming, or the craft and anguish of writing massive books. She has stood in the swelter of an art glass studio, dodging sparks and thousand-degree objects of art while learning the science that makes glass both liquid and solid, and dug in the soil alongside a woman whose garden helped her survive treatment for throat cancer.

Her stories about personal finance, parenting, health, the environment and women’s issues have run in O Magazine, Distinction, More, Woman’s Day, Family Circle, TWA’s Ambassador, American Airlines’ American Way, US Air’s Attaché, Fitness, Parents, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Golf For Women, Women and Success and others.



Kevin Chang’s yanagi slide-slices through the fish’s flesh, its blade gliding through geological layers of fat and muscle so alive they’re still swimming. The knife shepherds the sashimi to the...

The Method In His Madness

Thirty-five people work at the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. They spend all day surrounded by all things Dali. In the bathroom -- Dali. In their offices --...
Brave Hearts Story Image

Brave Hearts

More than a decade ago, my youngest sister, Amy, went through a divorce. It was a painful thing -- the first in the family -- and she was scared. "How...
Self-Esteem-The-Repair-Kit Image

Self Esteem: The Repair Kit

Janine Latus spent years looking for validation in all the wrong places--until the day she discovered it was hers to give all along. In high school I was voted 'biggest...
The Friendship Game Story Image

The Friendship Game

The first year after I first moved to my block on the south edge of Columbia, Missouri, I only knew my neighbors well enough for a one-finger-off-the-steering-wheel wave as our...
For A Song - Slider Photo

For A Song

The brim of Emilio Nieto’s cowboy hat brushes my forehead as we bend our heads together and sing: Another Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody. Closing our eyes, we...
Photography by Rich-Joseph Facun

Blake Bailey – Precisely

Photography by Rich-Joseph Facun Blake Bailey spends his days mucking around in the lives of atrabilious, sexually conflicted alcoholics, poster children for the adage that one...
photography by Eric Lusher

A River Of Chips

photography by Eric Lusher Mount Jackson, Virginia - Inside a beige cinderblock building half an hour from Harrisonburg up I-81, 15,000 pounds of potatoes a day thunder...
photography by KEITH LANPHER

Hashi Food Truck

photography by KEITH LANPHER Ross Riddle ladles rice porridge as thick as grits from a stainless steel pot, steam billowing. He adds a dollop of butter,...
Punta Cana Story Image

Destination Punta Cana

Among the many inviting Caribbean resorts, here's one that stands apart. The rock underfoot is calcified coral, the ferns prehistoric, barely changed from when this island was new some 40...
Photography by Michael “Nick” Nichols

Out in the Wild

Sweat bees swarmed over Nick Nichols’ hands, sucking the salt off him, deep in the jungles of central Africa. They crawled up his nose and into his eyes. Still he...
Photography by Keith Lanpher

Rooted in the Shore

In Chatham’s vines, centuries of tradition come together. There is a minerality to these Eastern Shore wines, a hint of slate and granite and the shells of creatures tossed ashore...
Photography by Todd Wright

The Shaman of Ramen

Animal, vegetable, mineral: Kevin Ordonez melds them in ways that keep Alkaline packed. (Try the tater tots.) Photography by Todd Wright Kevin Ordonez knows noodles. He...
Photography by KEITH LANPHER

Ain’t It Grand

Photography by KEITH LANPHER Small restaurant. Big taste. So worth the wait. Steve Marsh holds an octopus by its head cavity and lowers its body into...
photography by Rich-Joseph Facun

A Sacred Sound

Photography by Rich-Joseph Facun Dramatic classical music soars and swells through the neo-Gothic arches of Norfolk’s Christ and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. Kevin Kwan’s hands range over...

Mike Jabbur

Photography by Eric Lusher Mike Jabbur’s hands slide over the column of clay, compressing here, pulling there, his fingers scissoring to stretch open the top, the...

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